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TRANSCRIPT: Five Minute Fix Bite-Sized Meditations with Stacey Paige - Episode #008: Harmonize with your highest potential

Elevate your manifesting power as you move into harmony with your highest potential with this bite-sized meditation.

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“Hi, I'm Stacey Paige, welcome to the Five Minute Fix podcast, weekly meditations to soothe, heal, and inspire.

Our essence, which is the truth of who we are, is high vibrational, energetic embodiment of love, abundance, peace, joy, wholeness. Wholeness meaning we have everything contained within that we need for what we want to do, be, and have. It's our stuff that gets in the way of us living to our fullest potential.

When we heal, we're not healing our true self. We're healing what's in the way of our true self and our highest potential. We're healing what is hindering our full creative power.

Let's move into meditation and harmonize with our highest potential. Find a comfortable seated position.

Close your eyes.

Gently bring your bellybutton in towards your spine and slightly up.

Shift your tailbone a bit forward and feel it energetically reaching to the earth.

Extend the crown of your head towards the sky. Feel your spine lengthen, grow tall.

Maintaining the length in your spine, relax your shoulders, your jaw, your eyes beneath your lids.

As you breathe in, carry the breath all the way down your spine to your tailbone.

As you breathe out, feel[…]”

From Five Minute Fix: Meditation with Stacey Paige: #008: Harmonize with your highest potential, May 3, 2024

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