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TRANSCRIPT: Five Minute Fix Bite-sized Guided Meditations with Stacey Paige - Episode #16: Embrace your inner strength

I think we don't often realize our own strength until circumstances force us to find out. We've all had the world as we know it come to an abrupt end - the diagnosis, divorce, job loss, death of a loved one - and we've had to dig deep to get through the days that followed. I believe there's power in reflecting on those times, not to dwell in the pain but rather to honor and recognize how we rose up, and we emerged a more enhanced version of ourselves. In this meditation you will be gently guided into a space of reflection to harness your strength and power. Let's connect! Email me your questions and comments at Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube @staceypaigeinspired Free 15 minute guided meditation ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Free training to heal self-limiting beliefs ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Please rate, subscribe and review (it really helps!)

“Hi, I'm Stacey Paige, welcome to the Five Minute Fix podcast, weekly meditations to soothe, heal, and inspire.

We've all had that moment in our life, at least once, if not more, where we have been brought to our knees. A diagnosis, a divorce, death of a loved one, a job loss. That moment in time where life as we knew it abruptly came to an end.

With our world in pieces, we enter the dark days, the ones we have no idea how we're going to get through. Sometimes maybe we don't even want to get through them. Maybe you're in something like that now.

In those times, we find out what we're made of. We discover how strong we really are, how resilient and resourceful. Circumstances force us to dig deep.

I believe that if we allow, when we come through to the other side, we're a more enhanced version of ourselves than when we began the journey. I think there's power in taking moments in reflection and acknowledging ourselves for what we rose up to and who we became. I believe that in doing so, we build our confidence.

We step deeper into our power. This meditation is designed to harness and build upon those moments, that, difficult as it was, you showed up. You went through it.

You survived, or are surviving. And ultimately, maybe it's even your springboard to thriving. I recommend you have a notebook or journal nearby, in case you want to write some things down.

Find a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes, and begin to settle into your breath, not changing anything right now, just observing. Not changing.

Anything right now, just observing. Now gently bring your belly button in and.

Feeling your abdomen engaged, providing support for your spine. Imagine extending the crown of your head towards the sky. Your chin is just slightly in towards your throat, elongating the back of your neck.

Continue to ground through your sits bones while reaching the top of your head to the sky. Sensing space being created between each and every vertebrae.

Maintaining this length in your spine, relax your jaw, your eyes, your shoulders.

Bring your attention back to your breath.

Each time you inhale, imagine drawing in peace and calm.

Each time you exhale, let go of stress and worry.

Breathing in peace and calm. Exhaling stress and worry.

Picture yourself in a place where you feel completely safe, calm, and relaxed. It could be a place in your home, like your sacred space, a reading nook, your bed, could be a peaceful outdoor setting, or a place from your imagination.

Take a moment to explore this space. Take in the details, the colors, the sounds, the textures. The textures.

Now gently bring to mind a difficult time in your life, one that in the initial moments, you felt gutted, lost, destroyed.

Knowing you're safe, allow yourself to remember the experience. See yourself as you were during that time, feeling whatever emotions arise, without judgment, just reflecting.

Now shift your focus to how you navigated through that time.

Acknowledge the strength it took to face each day.

Remember the moments of courage you displayed, no matter how small they seem.

Recognize your resourcefulness in finding solutions, getting help, adapting to the changes. What qualities did you bring forth?

As you reflect, feel a sense of pride in your heart.

Honor your strength, resilience, and the personal growth that came from this experience.



“Thank you . As you move forward in your life, see yourself stepping into your personal power with confidence and grace.

I trust in my ability to handle whatever comes my way.

Begin to bring yourself back, deepening your breath, grounding yourself in the here and now.

When you feel ready, gently open your eyes.

Take a moment to reflect on this meditation in your notebook or journal if you have it nearby. Carry this sense of inner strength and confidence with you throughout your day. For more meditations and practices like these, I invite you to sign up for my weekly emails at


From Five Minute Fix: Meditation with Stacey Paige: #016: Embrace your inner strength, Jun 28, 2024

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