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TRANSCRIPT: Five Minute Fix Bite-Sized Meditations with Stacey Paige - Episode #005: Ease in to rest and sleep

Sleep is a crucial part of our health and well-being. Often at bedtime when we attempt to be still, the thoughts in our mind are at their strongest. Sometimes, even after falling into sleep, we awake in the middle of the night with our mind racing. Listen to this meditation to help guide you in, or back in, to a restful night's rest. This meditation is also beneficial to use during waking hours when you feel yourself antsy and jittery and unable to find a space of calm.

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“Hi, I'm Stacey Paige. Welcome to the Five Minute Fix Podcast, weekly meditations to soothe, heal, and inspire. I heard from some of you that you love something to help you sleep, or help you go back to sleep during those times when you wake up in the middle of the night and can't stop tossing and turning.

This meditation will be perfect for those times. And it's also great to use even during the day when you find yourself jittery, antsy, racing in your body. So begin either lying down in bed, or sitting in your chair or on the floor.

Shift your attention away from any outside stimuli by gently closing your eyes and bringing your awareness to your breath.

Feel your breath carrying soothing, relaxing energy to every part of your body, beginning with your toes.

Feeling them soft and relaxed.

Just like a peaceful, lazy river, calm, soothing relaxation ebbs into your calves and your shins.

Washes into your knees.

Gently flows into your thighs, soothing all the muscles.

Rinsing with calm. That melting calm moves into your shoulder blades.

Your chest.

And each and every finger. Thanks for watching!

Your jaw.


And your eyes[…]”

From Five Minute Fix: Meditation with Stacey Paige: #005: Ease in to rest and sleep, Apr 10, 2024

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