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A Journey Into Self-Care

Updated: Apr 25

by Stacey Paige

As we navigate the demands of our daily lives, we often forget about self-care, putting ourselves last on the list. After all, how can we take time out of our day to care for ourselves, when we barely have enough time to take care of those who need and depend on us? Isn’t that just selfish?

Now more than ever it’s essential to recognize the importance of self-care and it’s profound impact on our overall health and well-being. Self-care goes beyond a day of pampering at the spa. It’s becoming your own best friend, implementing sustainable practices that are nourishing, healing and empowering, incorporating tools to reduce stress and anxiety and foster supportive relationships with others. 

Consider establishing a daily spiritual practice that integrates breath-work, meditation, contemplation, affirmative prayer, journal practices and affirmations. As these practices become woven into your life, you create a reservoir of well-being from which you operate from. Instead of heading towards illness, depression and burnout by giving from a state of depletion, you begin to give from overflow. When you are giving from overflow, not only do you have more to give, your life is more balanced, rich and fulfilling. 

Remember, healing begins within. As we heal ourselves, we become part of healing our families, our businesses, and our communities. Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s the biggest gift you can give the world.

Learn more about how I can support you in creating your best life, your way by visiting my "Work With Me" Page (link below) and keep a lookout for the launch of my new Online Course FOUNDATIONS: A Spiritual Approach to Your Life.

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