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Untethering freedom for a more liberated life

I can not believe we just passed the halfway point of the year! It seems more like six weeks ago - not six months ago - that my tribe of besties and I were on our Zoom call, gathering virtually to share with each other our "word" for 2024. A word that we undoubtedly meditated on, journaled about, rolled around with in our mind and metaphorically tried on to see how it felt, before deciding YES! This is it. The word that embraces where I'm at, and shines the light for where I want to go. 💡

It's a powerful practice, choosing our word for the year. Rather than sitting on the sidelines of our lives, we're taking an active role in designing it. Part of it's impact is due to the time spent in reflection, contemplation and visioning. So as the weeks and months go by, at various milestones I like to dig back in to my word. A check-in, or sorts. 🧘🏻‍♀️

Independence Day is one of those times, and with my word for 2024 being FREEDOM, this regular 4th of July ritual for me resonated even stronger. Freedom has actually long been a favorite word of mine, always evolving in it's meaning - and even regularly making an appearance in my user names and passcodes. 🤫

I was thinking back to the first time that I can remember consciously calling in freedom. It was many years ago during a period of restructuring my life. I was doing things in the world that I was passionate that were fulfilling, loved my community of friends and colleagues, felt healthy and strong - but I wasn't making a lot of money. Something needed to shift for me to continue on. I wasn't sure if I should direct my focus to my voiceover work (which I absolutely loved doing, it was just inconsistent), go back to event planning for a period of time (a job that I'd have a steady flow of good income but wouldn't allow room for much else), or maybe figure out something part-time as a financial bridge from what I was earning, to what I needed to earn to live.

I was talking through this with one my coaches. She asked me what I wanted. That's easy!! I wanted freedom across the board in my life. 💫

And, I deducted, since money was the only missing piece, that's my answer. Either winning the lottery or making it doing something I loved, otherwise financial freedom would come at a cost of freedom in other areas of my life.

I'll never forget the way she held my gaze when she told me money wasn't the answer to my quest for freedom. I explained that I understood money wouldn't bring me love or connection or fulfillment, but I already had those things so I just needed the money 😀

She tried every angle to get me to understand something deeper, but it wasn't time for the dots to connect. I'd like to say those dots all connected shortly thereafter - but rather it was in an ongoing bit by little bit unfolding that I came to understand that the freedom I was seeking came not in things, but from things.

  • What was binding me?

  • Where did I have myself in a cage or a box?

  • Have I put fences up in any areas?

The answers to those questions were what I needed to seek, recognize and dismantle in order to have in my life the freedom I desired.

I believe when we have freedom from things like limiting beliefs, prohibitive ideas, negative thinking and emotional matter - we have the freedom to design our life in the way that we want.

I invite you to join me in this week's meditation as we move within to dismantle what is constraining us, untethering our personal freedom 🌟

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