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Online Course

A Spiritual Approach to Your Life

Course Description

Embark on a journey of transformation and growth. Commit to your inner work. Change your outer world.


Take Charge!

  • Manifest with clarity and intention.

  • Understand the nature and laws of the Universe.

  • Learn what it means to be a spiritual being.

  • Live to your fullest potential.


Transform Your Experience!

  • Transform burn out and exhaustion and that pesky feeling needing to make things happen.

  • Create more purpose and meaning in your life.

  • Resolve unhealed pain and trauma.

  • Find resolution after a recent divorce, job loss, empty nester or other life-altering event.


Course Format

  • Each segment (three total) has daily topics and supportive spiritual practices including meditations, journal experiences, breathing practices and contemplative exercises.

  • Perfect to establish your daily spiritual practice or enhance an existing one.

In this course you will receive Three Segments

unnamed (3).jpg

Presented by Stacey Paige

Stacey is a certified 500 Hour Yoga Teacher and a licensed Spiritual Practitioner.  Through her workshops, courses, and individual coaching she has helped countless people on their journey to personal empowerment through the embodiment of spiritual principles and practices.

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