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Your Life. 
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Empowering a purpose-driven life through spiritual embodiment and inspired action.

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One-on-one support to transform your life.

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A variety of offerings to help you live your best life.

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Instructional courses for optimal living and growth.

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A Bit About Stacey

Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and Yoga Teacher

Right now, we have within us the power to create meaningful lives of our own design that are filled with joy, love, vibrant health and abundance. Unhealed pain and trauma, self-limiting beliefs hidden in our subconscious, and working in effect rather than cause keep us from living our best life.


The same way the physical world has its laws, so too does the spiritual world. I will teach you how to work with these laws mindfully and with intention, while giving you the tools, guidance and support you need to heal, ignite your passion and thrive!

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Stacey Paige is the pinnacle of an intuitive Yoga teacher / Spiritual guide that  brings together the needed modalities to help the Spirit heal the Body. Her presence is soothing to the Soul. Her fluid way of guiding the body to what it needs (and is asking for) is like having your own personal Muse. I am so Grateful to  benefit from her deep knowledge of yoga, meditation, and nutrition. She is pure Love embodied in a teacher and guide. If you want to heal something in your life, find your own personal power and voice - she is the perfect place to start!"

-- Kathy N.


I had been trying to lose weight my entire adult life.  I knew exactly what to do, but could never stick to anything long-term.  With Stacey’s help I came to understand why I was continually self-sabotaging.  Through her classes and workshops I was able to peel back the layers and get to the source of my weight gain. I now use her meditations and tools to maintain my healthy body, mind and spirit."
-- Ashley J.


Happy Woman

No matter the challenge,

I can help you move forward.

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