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Working with or against the flow?

Updated: Jun 22

You know those "memories" photo montages that pop up on your phone from time to time? Well, I had one this morning that when I saw the cover picture I literally laughed out loud - there I was, at the Arizona Grand Resort, in the lazy river. Only I wasn't relaxing in my inner tube, going with the flow like everyone else. Nope. I was clinging to the edge with a white knuckle death grip, vehemently battling against the current to stay in place. Not quite the experience most people envision on the lazy river.

To be fair, I did have a good reason to be fighting the good fight. 💪🏼

My two stepkids and I had been floating peacefully together when somehow I got on a fast track. Or maybe they got on a slow one. Either way, they were no longer next to me and seemed to be dropping farther and farther back. Now they weren't babies - at the time they were 11 and 13, strong swimmers and lazy river veterans. But being spring break it was extremely crowded and I felt better having them in my sight.

It was in that moment of combatting the flow of the so-called lazy river that I had my lightbulb moment. 💡

The flow of the lazy river was like the flow of life. When I resist, I get battered. When I relax into it, it supports and propels me forward.

Resisting the flow comes in many forms, including:

Trying to control a situation or outcome

Harboring self-imposed limitations in your mind

Muzzling your voice

❌. Storing emotions in your body

❌. Restraining creative impulses

❌. Snuffing out joy, excitement and enthusiasm, in yourself or others

Our job in building our life and bringing to manifestation our wishes and desires isn't to provide the current, but rather to remove the obstacles of resistance to it.

Spend a bit of time each day in conscious connection with your inner world and go with the flow 💫

Click below and lean in with this easy, relaxing five minute guided meditation.

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