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Transforming Limiting Beliefs

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

You’ve decided to take charge of your destiny and manifest the life of your dreams. You diligently create vision boards, repeat affirmations and share uplifting quotes on social media. As you look for signs of your desires coming to fruition, you can’t help but feel that you’re riding on the same endless merry-go-round. Then you figure, hey, it’s all part of the plan and I’ll have what I want one day. After all, you conclude, everything happens for a reason.

Everything does happen for a reason, and there certainly are times when seemingly less than desirable experiences are part of our forward moving journey. However, the Universe responds directly to our beliefs, so if you find yourself continually reliving the same outcomes again and again, it’s probably time to shine some light on what’s going on beneath the surface. Namely, your hidden beliefs.

Most beliefs are formed in our early childhood years. We either discern something to be true from our own experience or we believe what someone tells us to be true, setting off a cycle of thoughts to back up our belief that eventually go on autopilot. So for example, let’s say in first grade a teacher calls on a child and she doesn’t know the answer. Her classmates snicker, as the kid behind her asks in a whisper how it feels to be so stupid. The six year old little girl feels humiliated, and takes the information as true. From that point on, any time she doesn’t know something, struggles to understand a concept or fails at an endeavor, it’s accompanied by thoughts and feelings backing up the idea that she is stupid; thereby ultimately creating a deep seated, low vibrational self-limiting belief about not being smart enough. It doesn’t mean it’s true, only that she believes it to be so. The same holds true for beliefs in every area of our life, including money, relationships and physical health.

To change what we’re routinely attracting, we need to create a new pathway of thoughts supporting what we desire in life. It’s a powerful practice, and it takes a dedicated effort.

I remember when I was first studying the subconscious mind, and the role of hidden beliefs. I was traveling in a small four-seater airplane, flying relatively low to the ground, gazing out the window at the Earth’s changing landscape. As we were passing the Grand Canyon, I noticed the Colorado River below and thought: That’s it! The same way the Colorado River formed the Grand Canyon, so too do my thoughts form my beliefs. In order to form a new belief, and thereby consciously design my world, I would have to work diligently to make new avenues with empowering, high vibrational thoughts.

The exercise below will take you step by step through the process of uncovering sabotaging self-limiting beliefs, and transforming them to ones that will empower your life.


For this exercise, give yourself time and privacy. Light a candle. Have a pen and paper and your personal notebook or journal available. It’s best not to use your electronic writing device for the stream of consciousness writing portion.

Write down 5 to 10 affirmations that support what you want in your life. For example: “I am successful in all my endeavors.” “I am in a healthy, loving relationship.” “I have lots of money, more than enough for all my needs and wants.”

Choose one affirmation to work with.

Set your timer for three minutes for stream of consciousness writing. You’ll begin by repeatedly writing your affirmation. As you’re writing, put down anything else that comes into your mind. Don’t worry about punctuation, grammar or editing. For instance, as you’re writing “I have lots of money, more than enough for all my needs and wants” you may hear that little voice in your head saying things like, “no you don’t you’ll never have an abundance of money you’re too stupid and you really don’t deserve it” and so on. You can destroy this at the end of the exercise, so don’t leave out anything out of concern that someone may one day read it. It’s important to keep writing until your timer goes off. You’re shining light on your subconscious thought patterns; let it flow!

Now go back through your stream of consciousness writing. For every self-limiting comment your subconscious told you, in your journal or personal notebook, write a corresponding positive affirmation. So continuing with the example above, you could write “I am worthy and deserving of money.” “I am an expression of abundance.” “I am smart, witty and resourceful.” Declare affirmations in the present tense, not the future. “I am a money magnet” versus “I am going to one day have lots of money”. Conveying them in the future will always keep the experience out in the future. The Universe doesn’t recognize “not”. Focus on what you are doing, rather than what you’re trying not to do. “I am no longer smoking” becomes “I am always choosing habits that support my great health”. Feeling is the language of the Universe. As you say and write your affirmations, feel them to be true. Thoughts, with feelings behind them, create beliefs. Imagine it is already so. These are your empowering beliefs.

Work regularly with your empowering beliefs. Watch your words when you talk with others. Are you routinely saying things like “I could never afford that” or “No one ever listens to me.”? Affirm what you want to experience. Remember to feel them to be true.

Your life is an out-picturing of your beliefs. Choose those that will fulfill your heart's desires! If you're interested in exploring this work or want to learn more... CONNECT WITH ME HERE

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